Men's ministry

When the righteous increase,
the people rejoice ...

Proverbs 29:2

It is imperative that men of faith become leaders in their home, church, work place and government.

The mission of the Men’s Ministry at FBCNA is to disciple and empower men to impact society with the transforming message of the Gospel.

According to King Solomon, when Godly men engage with society, the citizens are glad and rejoice. If you are a man who desires to make a difference, the men’s ministry at FBCNA offers teaching, training, fellowship, and opportunities to serve. Come and learn how you can engage to return our country to the spiritual values it was founded on.
Dr. Michael Shanlian
Director of Men's Ministry


Connect with other men
for Biblical growth

Room W113/114
Wednesday's 6:00 PM • for men of all ages

Upcoming Events

We want to connect with your family too. Check out our upcoming events and let's work together to build a strong family foundation.