Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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"It’s far too often that I hear from parents who have a child who has walked away from the Church. The specific details are always a little different, but the general theme is the same. Student grows up in a Christian home—attends Sunday school and youth group—but goes off to a secular university or college, and ends up walking away." - Dawnielle Hodgman

We are excited to welcome DAWNIELLE HODGMAN, Director of Stand to Reason's Reality Student Apologetics Conference

WHEN: Wednesday, September 28 • 6:15pm

WHERE: The Middle • 2nd floor of Children's Learning Center

WHY: Engaging the minds of our students

FOR: All Ladies including moms, grandmas, aunts, teachers, and female leaders

Many students are getting talked out of their faith by friends and professors. It’s quite possible that the vast majority are talked out of it because they were never talked into it. Students are disengaging from the church because they were never engaged by it. In this presentation, Dawnielle gives practical steps on how parents and church leaders can better engage the minds of our students.