Welcome to our Groups Ministry page!

Connection is important here at First Baptist Church of North Augusta. Our desire is to see families and individuals engage in furthering their relationship with God, themselves, and others. The three areas that make-up our Groups Ministry include Connection Groups, Discipleship Groups (D-Groups), and Term Groups. Each holds an individual purpose but all work towards the mutual goal of cultivating meaningful relationships. We believe that connection starts with YOU. As you share Jesus in your work setting and everyday life, remember to invite others to church. First Baptist Church of North Augusta is for you and for the CSRA. 

Term Groups: 

Term Groups are short-term classes that run for 4-12 weeks at a time. These classes will be promoted quarterly for anyone wishing to participate. Term Groups cover relevant topics such as Finances, Parenting, Grief Share, and Marriage. Term Groups will transition each quarter, providing a variety of subject matter for unique interests. Even if you are enrolled in an ongoing Connection Group, we invite you to participate in a Term Group that may benefit your spiritual, personal, and relational goals. As you build new relationships, an ending Term Group is the perfect time to invite others to your Connection Group.


The next 12 months of your life will be an exciting time as you enter a season of accelerated spiritual transformation. The Discipleship Group environment encourages us to engage with God’s Word and His people in a way that most of us never have before. As His Spirit works in our lives, it creates a passion to help others experience the same thing. A D-group is a small group of 3-5 people that is gender specific and designed to dissolve & replicate after 12 months of meeting together weekly. 

Connection Groups: 

Connection Groups are what you may know as Sunday School, Life Groups, or Home Groups. They meet each Sunday at 9:15 am. To get connected in a group, contact Dena Riley at .

Connection Groups meet year-round and are open to both visitors and members of our church. 

Currently, there are over twenty adult Connection Groups offered and reach all age groups. The purpose of each group is to connect with other people and connect with the truth of the Bible. Also, these groups pray for each other, support each other, and grow in faith together. We have groups that have become very large (100+) and others that are smaller in size (8-10). Plus, new groups will start regularly throughout the year. We recommend you visit at least two or three before you make a decision on which Connection Group to join. If you are interested in visiting a Connection Group, let us know, and we will help you find one that is perfect for you!

Questions? Contact Dena Riley at